How to Treat a Herniated Disc: We Take a Look

It’s very difficult to deal with the pain that is caused due to a condition called a herniated disc. Therefore, the major concern of most of the patients is to relieve that pain whenever they are looking for a treatment. Today, we are not only going to help you relieve that pain but we will also provide you information about things that can help recover other issues that are caused due to a herniated disc.

The symptoms of a patient and the source and severity of the pain are some elements that are considered when experts determine a treatment for a patient. The spine surgery is considered to be the most effective treatment when it comes to treating the herniated disc. However, the patients are asked to take a start with the conservative care before going for the spine surgery.

Well, based on the circumstances, the surgical intervention can be a better treatment for some patients. For example, the surgery can help in stopping the neurological progression if the patient is suffering from progressive major weaknesses in legs or arms. Similarly, the surgery can also improve the recovery process of the nerve by creating an optimal healing environment.

In some conditions, the immediate surgical intervention is prescribed by the doctors. Here are some easy ways a patient can adopt in order to treat a herniated disc.


You can relieve the swelling from your back if you take enough rest for a few days. Exercises and other activities that can cause harm to your back should be avoided for a few days. The complete rest is not recommended at all because you need to keep your body muscles moving after every 1 or 2 days. The pain can also be relieved with the help of ice and heat therapy.

Physical Therapy

The symptoms of a herniated disc can be improved with the help of a few exercises. You need to get in touch with a physical therapist if you want to use this treatment for supporting your back. There are some stretching and aerobic exercises included in the physical therapy that are important for strengthening several muscles in your body.

Similarly, the ice and heat therapy is also considered to be a part of the physical therapy where the therapist places the hot wet towel on the affected part of your body.


The steroids can also help in relieving the pain if the above-mentioned treatments do not provide you the expected results. But you should carefully choose the steroids because some steroids can badly damage your spine cells. So, it can cause you a lot of harm in the long run. Therefore, you should take help from an expert when choosing the steroids. In my opinion, the epidural injection is best for pain relief in this situation.