Best ways to treat back pain if you’re a senior

Back pain and neck pain are the most common problems that many elders suffer from after the age of 60. The joints and the spine start getting weak as you grow old. There are many factors that may make you suffer from the back pain but spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis are the two major causes of back pain in the elders.

Usually, elders consider taking several medicines with the recommendation of their doctor to get rid of this problem. There is no doubt that there are many painkillers available that can reduce the pain of these problems but they cannot solve these problems completely. Even some of the medicines can make you suffer from several other health issues. Click here to see some other important tips for reducing back pain in seniors.

You must consider taking help from the chiropractor charlotte instead of using any medicine. The chiropractor charlotte will suggest you several easy ways to get rid of this problem according to your present health condition. In this article, we’re going to talk about some general ways that can be extremely useful in this regard.

If these ways make the process more painful for you, you must immediately meet your doctor instead of continuing the ways that we are going to mention below. Here are the most common ways that can help improve your health by preventing back pain.

Morning walk

A morning walk can be the best way to reducing back pain. You must make sure that your spine and neck are in a straight position. A minor mistake can make this process extremely painful for you. The straightness of your spine will help reduce the back pain with the passage of time. You must start with 10 minutes walk daily and then you can gradually increase the walking duration.


The physiotherapy is another useful way of reducing back pain as it doesn’t come with any side effects. This is a very common process that is used all around the world for reducing back pain. Sometimes, your instructor would ask you to perform several exercises that may help improve the strength of your spine. And sometimes, you’ll be asked to take a massage that is specially designed for improving the strength of your spine.

You must consider choosing the best physiotherapist in your area because the beginners can put you into greater trouble and you can’t afford to bear more pain.

Sitting and sleeping posture

The sitting and sleeping postures can also be a major reason for back and neck pain. You can reduce this pain by improving your sitting and sleeping posture. If you’re facing difficulty in changing your sleeping posture, you must consider using several pillows to place around your body. These pillows will help you change your posture gradually. The change in the sitting and sleeping posture will significantly reduce your back pain. Click Here and take a look at some other tips for reducing back pain in seniors.