Some many people believe different things about anabolic steroids and the major believes is that anabolic steroids are just bad. Like every other medications, there are side effects when abused. Anabolic steroids also called AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids) also have side effects, which is majorly as a result of quantity and duration.

You might be wondering what anabolic steroids are. Well, they are simple synthetic derivatives of the male Testosterone often used by NFL players, wrestlers, and any one who wants to have a body physique without much work out.

Testosterone in male is responsible for some male secondary sexual characters, like facial hair, deepen voice, muscle growth, weight adding and others.


There are fact supporting the pros and cons of anabolic steroids. Too many people rush into using AAS without really knowing what the cons are. The side effects of steroids depend on age and sex of the user but the effects are not immediately apparent but one of the most dangerous parts is that about 7500 adolescent in Canada who uses steroids are sharing needles and this increases the risk of AIDS. The use of steroids is not permitted in the United State, in Canada it is not sold over the counter but can be taken by people who need them. There are several names that anabolic steroids are called like DBOL which is the short form of Dianabol, Halo which is the short form of Halotestin, Var which is the short form of Anavar, and Einny which is the short form of Winstrol.

Dbol Anabolics are that it is the oldest of them all, it became popular in the 60’s and it quickly transform your body. You can read all about them by checking out our favorite site: DBOL Anabolic Facts – Legal Steroid Supplements Reviews

However, here are facts you should know about anabolic steroids before you make up your mind to try them.


Benefits of Steroids


Andropause and Hypogonadism : one of the positive effects of steroids is found in Andropause which means Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hypogonadism which means Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This plays a good role in those that have fertility issues and these are prescribed in many clinics in the United State.


Build of Muscle Mass and Physique: Anabolic steroids increase the muscle mass in the users. This body mass is as a result of absorption of protein in the body. The steroids aid the improvement of the body physique and biceps, which is the main attraction for many people.

Side Effects of Steroids


Physical Side Effect: Physically, anabolic steroid users tend to experience severe acne on their face, a little decrease in flexibility, possible high blood pressure, damage of kidney, possible stunted growth, high risk of HIV/AIDS

There also some physical effects that are seen in Male such as hair loss, possible low sperm count, breast enlargement and also high risk of prostrate cancer.

The most common facts among Female is the deepening of voice, growth of facial hair, a change in libido and possible loss of fertility.


Having a clear knowledge of the medicine you want to try is wise. Now that you know the pros and cons of steroid and being clear that it is not legally sold in U.S over the counter. It  is yet advisable to work out really hard if you intend to take it for body physique and get proper prescription.  

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