Have you tried out our sleep CD / MP3? What did you think?

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How do we get a copy?  Mum has vascular dementia and sleeps in 2-3 hour sessions through the night.  So we both experience disturbed sleep.

Thank you for my free copy!  It was easy to download and a pleasure to be using.  I look forward to going to bed!  The downside is that these relaxation and suggestion techniques are so effective, on the third night I slept through one of mum's waking periods.  I later found all of the lights on downstairs as well as upstairs.  So she had clearly taken herself downstairs and back up again without me knowing!

Glad you like it Jenny.

Wow, sounds like it did a good job getting you into a really deep sleep. May need to include a warning that it is very effective!


I tried this and it looks great. Well done.


Hello All,

I'm Andrew Johnson and it's my voice you are listening to as you (hopefully) drift off into sleep.

I just wanted to let you all know that if you have any questions about the Deep Sleep recording whether it is the CD or MP3 version, please let me know and I will do my best to reply as quickly as I can.

Well I've certainly used it but haven't yet managed to hear much of it because I've fallen asleep so soon after setting it to play!  While this is a little frustrating because I want to know what it's like :) I'm of course very grateful to have it and would highly recommend it. 

can't try won't download

Hi Zinzin,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the download. I will private message you to sort the problem out.



I am currently suffering anxiety which in part has been brought on by not sleeping well.  I am interested in the CD/MP3 - can you tell me more?


Hi Dianne,

I will message you with the download details..


Hello Sandra, 

I am delighted that your son is sleeping better. I would like to think he will get a little more used to the recording every night and as he does so his sleeping will get better and better. Keep in touch and let me know how he is getting on. 

All the best,


I've been using the MP3 and have no trouble falling asleep with it.  My problem is that I then wake up about an hour or two later and have difficulty getting to sleep again. I usually listen to radio or music but tend to drift in and out of sleep for the remainder of the night.

Would you recommend listening to the MP3 each time I wake up or is that not advisable?

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