A Look at How Water Filtration Works

Offering potable and safe water for the entire family is always very important. Water-borne pathogens such as fecal coliforms can cause severe or moderate diarrhea that is not only inconvenient for the children but also for the adults. Water filters go a long way in ensuring that the family gets to drink the purest form of water. But, before knowing the different varieties of water filters and their work procedure, it is important for you to know the right place for getting these filters. At alkalinewaterfilterexperts.com/top-10-pitchers, you can expect to get the best varieties of water filters because the company is a team of professionals that continuously work towards reviewing the top alkaline water machines available in the market. The professionals working for the company are well aware of the fact that buying a water filter might seem overwhelming for an individual and therefore the company does its bets in offering the details of every machine that it comes across.

Two Types of Water Filtration Techniques

Coming to how water filtration works, one thing that is important for you to note is that there are different varieties of water filters available throughout the market and the mechanism that they use for filtering out impurities is also different. There are two basic techniques used by water filters for removing dirt and impurities. These techniques are physical filtration and chemical filtration. Physical filtration involves straining water for the removal of larger impurities. To be explained in details, a kind of physical filter or glorified sieve is used for filtering water. Chemical filtration involves passing water through a certain active material that helps in removing impurities chemically. Chemical filtration is generally the most common type of filtration used in homes and offices.

Other Important Water Filtration Procedures

The most common varieties of filters are the ones that use activated charcoal, reverse osmosis, distillation and ion exchange.

Activated Charcoal Water Filtration

Charcoal is basically a porous material which is made of carbon. This is generally produced when a material undergoes burning. Activated charcoal is charcoal that is treated using a chemical. This type of charcoal is more absorptive and thus it has all the unwanted impurities sticking to it very easily.

Reverse Osmosis

This procedure works by allowing water to pass through a certain semi-permeable membrane which selectively allows pure permeate through. Brine concentrate gets discarded completely and it automatically goes down the drain. Pure permeate passes through activated charcoal and thus avoids unwanted tastes and odors prior to the water getting into the glass. Ion exchange procedure filters out dissolved mineral salts in water and makes it softer.


There are other filters that make use of the distillation procedure for purifying water. This process involves heating water until it comes to a boil and then turns into steam. The steam is allowed to cool and condense back into liquid. This water is completely free of impurities. This procedure is considered one of the most efficient methods of water filtration especially when used in combination with carbon.


Now, it is your turn to decide on the right type of water filtration for your home. It is always very important for you to make your decision wisely. This is because the health of your entire family depends on the type of water used in the house.

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