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Alternative sleep patterns

How do you sleep? Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always possible if you care for a loved one. They may have needs throughout the night or not sleep very well. Not getting enough good quali… View »

How important is sleep?

The importance of sleep We all know that we need sleep. Everyone feels better after a good night’s kip, and the sayings “you’ll feel better in the morning” and “sleep on it” do have some truth behi… View »

Top dementia advice

Carewell is a health resource for carers, helping carers to focus on their own health and wellbeing. Shortly after the website launched, many carers told us that a major source of stress was the lac… View »

Top stress reduction advice

According to the Carers Week 2013 'Prepared to care' report, 92% of carers feel more stressed because of their caring role. Over the past year on Carewell, articles and discussions about stress hav… View »

Top nutrition advice

When you are caring, healthy eating may not be your highest priority. But a balanced diet will  not only bring you the energy to care, but also help to boost your immune system. Over the past… View »

Carewell's most popular topics

Since Carewell launched in early 2012, carers have been sharing their own health tips and advice. These tips have in turn helped us to produce new health advice and information, based on what care… View »

Easy ways to eat more healthily

< More Carewell Articles Easy ways to eat more healthily If you’re a carer, it usually means you’re not only cooking for yourself, but for someone else too. You may even be cooking for other me… View »

Dementia and nutrition

< More Carewell Articles   Dementia and nutrition If the person you care for has dementia, their eating habits may have changed, or are changing, and mealtimes can sometimes be challenging.… View »

Looking after your back

< More Carewell Articles Looking after your back When you’re caring for someone, you may find that some of the activities this involves may be taking a toll on your back. If you regularly lift… View »

How to strengthen your core

< More Carewell Articles How to strengthen your core Being a carer can mean that you have to help the person you care for move around. This can include lifting or pushing a wheelchair. All this… View »


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Sleep download

Started by Hanna Jones in Your discussions. Last reply by Fiona Shivers Apr 12. 7 Replies

Hello,How do I download the sleep MP3 as I have not received an email?Thank you,HannaContinue

Tags: mp3, sleep, deep

How do you relieve pent up frustration?

Started by Lucy Carers UK in Discuss less stress. Last reply by KAREN I MURPHY Apr 6. 4 Replies

Go for a brisk walk? Slam some doors? Go on a cleaning spree? What do you do to ease your anger when you've reached boiling point? - Share your ideas with other carers here...Continue


Started by ranuhary in Your discussions. Last reply by firehousevapors Jan 29. 2 Replies

i want to ask the people who got maried and they have experience .how i can be good wifeam not able to make my husband happy . and he started to hate me everyday and avoiding me. am depressed and lost also me .thank u.Continue

Key food groups to help give you energy to care

Started by Sam Cowley in Discuss eat well. Last reply by Harishvenis Jan 27. 1 Reply

Do you get your 5 a day? How do you try and get enough of these key food groups?Continue

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