Most people who their teeth are not proper align often time feel uncomfortable. If they are talking to some and they make eye contact with the person, they tend to feel like the individual was looking at their tooth. This is not always the case, it possibly that the individual is just looking at you face and possible didn’t notice it but thinking makes it look so.

It is pretty ok to consider straightening your teeth, however, the challenge of whether the brace is better than the invisalign is always the case. Most people tend to as a lot of questions just to be clear and aware of what they are planning.

Questions of cost, better, and size always come you.

It is important to know that invisalign and brace are both created to straight the teeth and both of them have their benefits too.

However, here are several reasons why you should use invisalign instead of braces for straightening of your teeth.


In terms of Color


Invisalign is clear and invisible which makes it easy to use and unnoticeable. People who use invisalign have express comfort since many people don’t really notice it quickly unlike the braces, which are silver metal and easily seen.


Treatment period


Invisalign is often worn for about 22 hours a day and the treatment takes between a 6 months period to 18 months period. This is generally faster than the regular 2years of using the braces of which most people complain of being to long. No one wants to carry wires in their teeth for such a long time.


It is easy to Maintenance


The maintenance of invisalign is pretty easy. It does not require you to brush the brackets and wires. It is as easy as you cleaning and rinsing with luke warm water. Maintenance should be one thing you will want to look out for when thinking of which to use.


It is removable


Both braces and invisalign have their own discomforts. You might often feel like you really need to take it out sometime just to ease yourself of the discomfort. This is one of the advantages of invisalign over braces in that they can be removed and fixed back. When you are eating, it can be removed for some few minutes and fixed back.


Getting caught


When one has teeth that are not straightened, there is the chance that food can be caught in-between.  This can cause some real discomfort, causing one to pick their teeth in public places. Invisalign takes away this discomfort by closing the gaps in-between your teeth. Using invisalign removes the issue of food getting caught in your teeth.


Every teeth straightening means have their pros and cons, however, invisalign is more preferable considering the reduced stress and discomfort teeth straightener can bring. So when you make up your mind to straignten your teeth, think about using invisalign.

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